First Time Rehersing

JE and I went over to SS house to see what we sounded like as a band. The first thing we did was a freestyle jam. Wish we could of recorded it but we didn’t have the technology. Haha. SS brought in a drum beat while I brought in a guitar riff. Jorge spitted out some fire raps.

I am very fortunate enough to be with a group of guys as talented and professional as I would like them to be.. at times. There is a no rehearsal policy or sound checks in our group. There is no need for that nonsense.

We didn’t really bother rehearsing the song we planned to play at the talent show. Instead, we focused on an important part; the process of writing original material. All of us had no idea which direction to go into, what genre we would like to be, etc. Combining our influences, we created our bands sound, which is truly beautiful…



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