Song for the Show

Today was the Stage rehearsal. Didn’t do so well. The music was alright, but Jorge was stage fright. But it’s okay, he’ll get over with it. Setting up Steven’s drums was effin’ hard. Dragging, moving, and setting up was a pain in the ass. The song we chose was chosen by me. We will be […]

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Want to know the name?

We finally came up with a band name, which is: “The Yellow Space Bananas” which we changed to “The Bananas” Yeah, its a tight name foo. Our first rehearsal in school was whack! We didn’t really actually rehearsed but we messed around a little bit. It was worth it. Jave kicked around and played soccer with […]

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Talent Show Try-Outs

Man, that was dope! Steven and me  were in the band hall in school, waiting for Ms. Sonpon to call us so we can do our thing. One member was missing, that’s right, stupid-ass  Jave. (no hard feelings son!) So, we waited and waited, and Jave finally shows up at the last minute. Wtf! Later […]

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Singer Found

Jave and I have been looking around school in finding ourselves a vocalist. We would like to announce our very good friend, Jorge Esbona as our singer. He was willing to do it for the fun of it. Rehearsals is in about a week or so and we are practicing at my house. Keep in […]

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One more year until High School

You’ve been waiting for it! As a matter of fact, the whole school has been waiting for it and it’s finally here! The high school draft! Now, in the beginning of the school year, every students’s names has been entered in a computer system that randomly chooses the high school they will be attending to. […]

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